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Get sweat tested ON LOCATION!

Just in time for the hot weather, we are now offering sweat testing (Sweat & Hydration Formula) at various Triangle locations including Galloway Group at New Balance Raleigh (June 24th), and Harris Lake (July 1st). We’ll be posting more throughout the summer, so stay tuned!

Pre-registration is required 12 hours beforehand. Sign up now, give us your sweat, and get your personalized hydration formula to avoid dehydration, headaches, poor performance and cramping before it’s too late!

Sweat Testing


Chris has trained me for several races, but this was the hardest as I was determined to do a time and distance that I honestly just don’t like. She kept me training, she kept me running, she kept me laughing with red tube tops. If you need a fitness coach or nutritional guidance; she is awesome! But, to me, she is my friend who believes in me and I love her! Thank you, Chris!