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Sweat Testing to Beat the Heat

sweat testing to solve your hydration problems

It’s hot out there. Don’t get caught with cramping, sloshy stomach, or poor performance due to improper hydration. We develop your personalized hydration formula based on your unique sweat losses. Sign up now and beat the heat!

Eating Fat Helps You Burn Fat?

foods with fat

Ever wondered how you can optimize your long course racing or body fat loss? We can tell you with our metabolic testing followed by specific nutrition recommendations to help you reach your goals. Read about it on our blog and sign up for our Weight Loss Formula or Training Zones & Fueling Formula to get your individualized recommendations.

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Chris has coached me through many endurance races including a half iron man distance and a 100 mile run. She continually provides those “Ahh ha moments” when the elusive puzzle of training, eating and equipment all come together. I consider her ” my go to ” whenever I have questions or doubts. When I decide to tackle the iron distance, I want Chris in my corner.