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Metabolic Testing for Performance & Weight Loss

That’s right…our metabolic testing and expert interpretation can help you reach your performance and/or weight loss goals! Get scientific, personalized training and nutrition information to set realistic goals, train effectively, and fuel properly for your needs.

metabolic testing

(tan lines not included…)

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When you belong to a tennis club, members dealing with an assortment of injuries frequently seek advice on the selection of a physical therapist.  Without hesitation, I respond “Jon Paryz.  He’s my physical therapist and I would follow him to the ends of the earth!”…The qualities I’ve learned to appreciate most include Jon’s clinical expertise; his ability to explain anatomy and physiology without condescension; his willingness and capacity to listen; his sense of humor; and his unwavering support while helping me reach my goal of returning to tennis again…Every time I step foot on a court I am grateful to Jon and to my surgeon for the opportunity to continue playing the sport that I love.